Book Giveaway #71: On Self-Knowledge

“So there can be a miracle ONLY WHEN YOU ARE WILLING TO RECEIVE THAT MIRACLE, and I assure you that a miracle can take place, when you are willing to receive it, when YOU ARE WILLING TO LOOK AT THINGS REALLY AS THEY ARE.” Continue reading Book Giveaway #71: On Self-Knowledge

Book Giveaway #70: Think & Grow Rich

‘KNOWLEDGE will not attract money, unless it is organized, and intelligently directed, through practical PLANS OF ACTION, to the DEFINITE END of accumulation of money. Lack of understanding of this fact has been the source of confusion to millions of people who falsely believe that “knowledge is power.” Continue reading Book Giveaway #70: Think & Grow Rich

Book Giveaway #68: Powershift

Alvin Toffler started explaining about the “PROCESS” of change in his first book “Future Shock” (1970). He followed by detailing the “DIRECTIONS” of change in his next book “The Third Wave” (1980). Finally, he completed the trilogy with this book “Powershift” (1990) talking about “CONTROL” – about control structures and who will control what, Continue reading Book Giveaway #68: Powershift

Book Giveaway #67: Who Says You Can’t Do?

“Once YOU LET THAT CONSCIOUS VOICE take over your life, THAT DEEP WISDOM THAT IS QUITE AWARE and knows what’s right for you, then you will discover your greatness. It’s an invisible force that lies deep within you., the person you know you really are. IT IS THE PERSON that most of us never let the other people see.” Continue reading Book Giveaway #67: Who Says You Can’t Do?

Book Giveaway #64: Willpower Doesn’t Work

When it comes to achieving goals making committed decisions involves:

1. investing upfront;
3, Setting a timeline
5. removing or altering EVERYTHING in your environment that OPPOSES your commitment. Continue reading Book Giveaway #64: Willpower Doesn’t Work

Book Giveaway #62: Rise To The Dawn

Please DO NOT RUSH TO A GURU. You need to first make your own independent efforts. He says:

“Start preparing yourself in the first instance. Awake, balance your mind and heart, determine your goal as a balanced person, you will surely come across a master.”

This book explains the human nature and the spiritual process in most simple terms. In easy conversational tone, it seems, the author is directly talking to you. Time to begin THE REAL JOURNEY of life? Continue reading Book Giveaway #62: Rise To The Dawn

Book Giveaway #53: What Matters Now

“In every industry there are huge swathes of critical knowledge that have been commoditized, and what hasn’t been yet commoditized soon will be. Given that, we have to say good-bye to the “knowledge economy” and wave hello to the ‘creative economy’. WHAT MATTERS TODAY is how fast a company can generate new thoughts and BUILD new knowledge…….” Continue reading Book Giveaway #53: What Matters Now

Book Giveaway #52: The Journey

A Journey process is a guided introspection designed to address your specific issues, uncover the root cause of your physical condition or your emotional issue, and help you to a complete resolution. There are two different basic types of Journeys. Both will take you deep within, to a place guided by your own inner wisdom. When you have recovered the memory that is the key to your issue, you are then able to empty out all the associated emotion contained within it and open into a deep forgiveness. Once completely free from the impact of this memory, healing at a cellular level can naturally begin. Continue reading Book Giveaway #52: The Journey