Book Giveaway #65: Becoming A Life Change Artist

Title: Becoming A Life Change Artist: 7 Creative Skills to Reinvent Yourself at Any Stage of Life
Author(s): Fred Mandell, Kathleen Jordan

Admit it or not, there is a strong likelihood that you are in a dilemma. A Creative Dilemma. The authors state:

“Our creative dilemmas come in many forms. Whether and how we CONFRONT them shapes the trajectory of our lives. When we TURN AWAY from these creative dilemmas or try to DENY THEM, the underlying tension takes us on a subterranean life of its own, often surfacing in physiological symptoms or outward frustration at the direction of our lives.”

There is a window of opportunity too in our dilemmas. The authors continue:

“The great artists show us how we can leverage our creative dilemmas to realize BREAKTHROUGHS not only in art but also in lives. Creative dilemmas are sources of INNOVATIVE breakthroughs ….”

Nobody is telling us that this process is easy. On the contrary. The authors clarify:

“Creative dilemmas unsettle us. THAT IS THEIR PURPOSE. By their nature, creative dilemmas are ANTI-STATUS-QUO. They are disruptive. They disturb us by stirring our emotions or influencing our behaviors or triggering our physiology.”

The choice is yours. Take the leap into the creative unknown OR remain stuck in old ways. Final words from the book:

“And, once you make the choice to confront your creative dilemma by BEGINNING TO EXPLORE, you’ll find that most of the risks you feared EVAPORATE. And that you are more than strong enough to tackle the risks that may remain.”

The book offers a comprehensive framework (and a set of tools) to completely unravel your creative dilemmas and master the process of carving your own transformation through a 7-step process.

Quite a promise, isn’t it? I would say a must-have book in your creative armory.


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