Book Giveaway #67: Who Says You Can’t Do?

Title: Who Says You Can’t Do? You Do.
Author(s): Daniel Chidiac

The author is trying to wake you up, when he says:

“Your greatness lies in the spirit that waits patiently within your being.”

So, that is what all this hullabaloo of life seems to be about. While you were scampering around chasing inconsequential goals, the real game – your greatest game – has been waiting patiently for you to wake up. When will you give up the inconsequential things in your life – the trinkets, the inanities, the mundane, the routine, the commonplace, the luxurious and the extremely comfortable mediocrity?

Deep within, you KNOW what is the right. The only thing missing is that you may not know HOW to open-up yourself to your highest values. There is a CONSCIOUS VOICE inside you – that wants to EXPRESS itself FULLY! The unrestrained spirit inside you, along with your infinite creative potential. As the book by Tony Robbins reminded us – There is a GIANT inside you.

All this is not so esoteric or difficult. It is a matter of choice. What would you be rather doing? Crib about the government? Argue with your spouse? Spend time worrying over COVID-19 fallout? ANY MOMENT, you may choose to GET AWAY from doing things that drain your energy (or worse, escapist stuff – like unnecessary social media or even repeatedly watching news on TV, etc). ANY MOMENT, you may CHOOSE TO LISTEN to the CONSCIOUS VOICE inside – in case, you cannot hear any voice, why not challenge yourself to uncover THE HIGHEST in you? Why sell yourself short?

How to break this toxic pattern? Simple. Use the ‘STOP FOCUS’ method. Quoting from the book:

“When you stop focusing on things you do NOT want, you break the pattern of letting them most consume your life. It also prevents you from associating irrelevant things with a situation. SOMETIMES A SITUATION JUST IS.”

Let go of your obsession with your circumstances. Instead, look deep inside. What MATTERS MOST TO YOU? The author reminds us:

“Once YOU LET THAT CONSCIOUS VOICE take over your life, THAT DEEP WISDOM THAT IS QUITE AWARE and knows what’s right for you, then you will discover your greatness. It’s an invisible force that lies deep within you., the person you know who you really are. IT IS THE PERSON that most of us never let other people see.”

How can this book help? To discover the greatest in you and then to put it in action, the author says, you need two things:
(1) A great State of Mind (SOM) and
(2) the ability to command your own emotions.

The book offers seven steps with detailed guidelines to get cracking on the best and the highest in you!

Good Luck!


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