TED Talk of the Day #020: The Gospel of Doubt

We all have a Gospel (beliefs, rules, etc.) to live by. There can be great strength in blind faith. Emotionally, you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that you SHALL CERTAINLY be taken care of. What do you do when your firmly held beliefs turn out not to be true? When Casey Gerald’s religion failed him, he searched for something new to believe in — in business, in government, in philanthropy — but found only false saviors. In this moving talk, Gerald urges us all to question our beliefs and embrace uncertainty. Continue reading TED Talk of the Day #020: The Gospel of Doubt

TED Talk of the Day #017: The worldwide web of belief and ritual

Our industrial society is scarcely 300 years old. That shallow history shouldn’t suggest to anyone that we have all of the answers for all of the questions that will confront us in the ensuing millennia.
Anthropologist Wade Davis muses on the worldwide web of belief and ritual that makes us human. He shares breathtaking photos and stories of the Elder Brothers, a group of Sierra Nevada indians whose spiritual practice holds the world in balance. Continue reading TED Talk of the Day #017: The worldwide web of belief and ritual

Book Giveaway #63: Effortless Living

Thus, what we have, so far, is TOTAL TRUST and EFFORTLESSNESS.

This is where a philosopher called Laozi (or Lao Tzu) – a mysterious semi-historical duing 6 BC – did us a great service. He is credited with a text called Tao-Te-Ching – which is like a manual on effortlessness. This philosophy could be summarized as – *Do nothing and accomplish everything*. Flow freely like water in life, around whatever shows up, and everything will get done in natural course of life. “Wu Wei” is a term to denote “effortless action”. Continue reading Book Giveaway #63: Effortless Living

Book Giveaway #62: Rise To The Dawn

Please DO NOT RUSH TO A GURU. You need to first make your own independent efforts. He says:

“Start preparing yourself in the first instance. Awake, balance your mind and heart, determine your goal as a balanced person, you will surely come across a master.”

This book explains the human nature and the spiritual process in most simple terms. In easy conversational tone, it seems, the author is directly talking to you. Time to begin THE REAL JOURNEY of life? Continue reading Book Giveaway #62: Rise To The Dawn

Book Giveaway #52: The Journey

A Journey process is a guided introspection designed to address your specific issues, uncover the root cause of your physical condition or your emotional issue, and help you to a complete resolution. There are two different basic types of Journeys. Both will take you deep within, to a place guided by your own inner wisdom. When you have recovered the memory that is the key to your issue, you are then able to empty out all the associated emotion contained within it and open into a deep forgiveness. Once completely free from the impact of this memory, healing at a cellular level can naturally begin. Continue reading Book Giveaway #52: The Journey

Book Giveaway #46: Awakening the Mind, Lightening the Heart

These aphorisms were formulated by Chekawa Yeshe Dorje (1102–1176) though the Lojong method is seen as evolving through 300 years after the arrival of Master Atiśa (Bengali Buddhist leader and master, 982–1054) in Tibet. It is said that Master Atiśa had, in his lifetime, learned from 150 teachers! Here is fun story on his travel to Tibet: Continue reading Book Giveaway #46: Awakening the Mind, Lightening the Heart

Book Giveaway #44: Creative Living

… I employ the creative opportunities innate in the three ordinary realms around you – the visual material space, the theater of relationships and the vibrational environment. Now, you are part of all of them at all moments. But do you relate them with awareness? When you look at any place or thing, do you look deep enough, close enough and care enough to wonder and ask questions? Continue reading Book Giveaway #44: Creative Living