Book Giveaway #62: Rise To The Dawn

Book Donor: Thanks to Ajay Gupta for giving away this book via
Title: Rise To The Dawn
Author(s): Dr. Naresh

Is the current pandemic a surprise? Here are a few prophetic words from Dr. Naresh:

“The more a person lives in a natural way, the more healthy he remains. Each violation of the law of nature results in some kind of physical trouble. The present man is suffering from many kinds of ailments. Go to any hospital, you will find a rush a patients there. A large number of doctors having MD and MBBS degrees are running houseful clinics in small towns and cities. DO YOU KNOW THE REASON? The reason is that the modern society in SHEER VIOLATION of rules of nature, is striving to develop a new type of urban culture.

Let us look around. Our modern lifestyle is certainly making us comfortable…..and, more certainly, reducing our immunity levels, making us weak and ultimately sick!

It is almost as if we are moving around in a sleep-like state or even a hypnotic collective delusion. Where does one begin coming out of this mess? If we are sleeping, how can we awaken?

Most of us take the shortcut – we go to the temple, mosque or church – and outsource our troubles (often with good donation) ! Whom are we fooling? It is unlikely that Nature or any Supreme Being operates like that.

Very few make an earnest attempt to try to explore the truth. We are part of a mysterious and powerful nature. Everything around us is energy. So are we – except that we are supposed to be Conscious too. The human being is a Conscious Energy Form. Aren’t we conscious (even in sleep state) of things around us? Isn’t this obvious that you and I are Pure Consciousness? It certainly is NOT so obvious to most of us – otherwise we would not be damaging the nature and killing each other.

It seems this pursuit of Truth is scary. It often seems like “running away” from our responsibilities. Is that a valid excuse? Are we being responsible by helping perpetuate a toxic society and planet? Whose children are we helping?

An honest pursuit of Truth or Spirituality is NOT running way – it is actually a bold attempt to take COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY!

There are many religions, thousands of books, hundreds of Gurus and but few accessible Living Masters. Dr. Naresh is one such Master – though a reluctant one – he clarifies:

“No person, who has realized the truth and is capable of lifting others to spiritual heights, would ever publicize his achievement. A declaration of his being the Master is most unexpected of him.”

We are not talking about a specific faith or religion – you may continue praying to your favorite form of Supreme Energy. We can be spiritual and rational – there need not be a contradiction. We are simply talking about increasing awareness. The author says:

“Do not deceive yourself. Do nothing in confusion. Be a witness to whatever is happening. Be a seer to whatever is done by you. This is awareness.”

Please DO NOT RUSH TO A GURU. You need to first make your own independent efforts. He says:

“Start preparing yourself in the first instance. Awake, balance your mind and heart, determine your goal as a balanced person, you will surely come across a master.”

This book explains the human nature and the spiritual process in most simple terms. In an easy conversational tone, it seems, the author is directly talking to you.

Time to begin THE REAL JOURNEY of life?


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