Book Giveaway #71: On Self-Knowledge

Title: On Self-Knowledge
Author(s): J Krishnamurti

If you wish to know the background to this post, please check the earlier giveaway of another book by the same author “Book Giveaway #019: What Are You Doing with Your Life? (1/21/2020).”

His “teaching” – he does not like this word….so let say, his “message” is so simple – so obvious – so natural – that almost nobody gets it! BECAUSE, we all are MASTERS of living an UNNATURAL life (let me ignore statements like COVID-19 is nature reboot, etc). In any case, EVERYTHING around us, including our own bodies and minds, IS pure nature, but you and I INSIST on being artificial, producing artificial and even thinking artificial.

Osho said, “Be realistic. Expect a miracle.” Jiddu says (he wrote almost nothing – most of his books are scripts of his SPONTANEOUS talks – and, even THAT is such an obvious and open secret – SPEAKING NATURALLY FROM THE SOURCE!):

“So there can be a miracle ONLY WHEN YOU ARE WILLING TO RECEIVE THAT MIRACLE, and I assure you that a miracle can take place, when you are willing to receive it, when YOU ARE WILLING TO LOOK AT THINGS REALLY AS THEY ARE.”

Such a powerful truth! Yet, what you and I do? We twist it! More precisely, what does the typical LOCAL MIND do? The mind analyzes, interprets and DERIVES something OTHER THAN what is said! The original truth is lost.

The mind cannot STAY with one thought. It jumps, rushes ahead! Leaving the spirit (which is always connected to The Source) behind (and, often, with energy depleted!).

Though he understands your dilemma:

“But, here a difficulty arises. It is necessary for the mind to free itself from the past in order NOT TO DISTORT ‘WHAT IS’, in order to SEE THINGS CLEARLY AS THEY ARE; and how can the mind, which is RESULT of the past, free itself from the past.”

In THIS difficulty lies a beautiful opportunity. Your PAST-DRIVEN analysis cannot help you! FRESH THOUGHT CAN! But, HOW CAN A MIND THAT IS OBSESSED WITH PAST (aren’t you obsessed with what you think is right?) COME UP WITH FRESH THOUGHT (and not a khicdhi OR a pot pourri of PAST thoughts?

And, as the custom is, last but not the least, another phrase from the author:


Thought provoking, isn’t it? Pure Spiritual Goldmine!


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