Book Giveaway #45: Leader As Coach

Title: Leader As Coach: Strategies for Coaching & Developing Others
Author(s): Mary Dee Hicks, David B. Peterson

What is one sure-shot way to gain unfair competitive advantage?

Build a great team, of course!

How do you build a great team?

By providing the best training and coaching.

Who can be the best Coach for the team?

The Leader.

What is Coaching?

Excerpts from the Book:

Coaches don’t develop people – they equip people to develop themselves.

Coaching is a continuous process not an occasional conversation – “Let’s sit down and have a coaching session” – or a single event – “It’s time for you to take the Advanced Leadership class”. You might compare yourself to an orchestra conductor, so that sometimes you work one-on-one with a player, other times, you direct them from afar, and on some occasions you cut people loose so they can develop in areas completely outside your scope.

Does this mean, as a leader, you need to find more time to do all this? The authors propose a “5% Solution” – Only 5% of your time focused on Coaching & Development could be enough to build a high performance team.


That’s what the book is all about!

Good Luck with “Making Your Team Great (Again)”!


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