Book Giveaway #45: Leader As Coach

Coaching is a continuous process not an occasional conversation – “Let’s sit down and have a coaching session” – or a single event – “It’s time for you to take the Advanced Leadership class”.

You might compare yourself to an orchestra conductor, so that sometimes you work one-on-one with a player, other times, you direct them from afar, and on some occasions you cut people loose so they can develop in areas completely outside your scope. Continue reading Book Giveaway #45: Leader As Coach

Book Giveaway #022: Corporate Chanakya

Today’s Book: Corporate Chanakya – Successful Management the Chanakya Way by Radhakrishnan Pillai More than 2000 years ago, probably the first treatise in Sanskrit language was written on governance, politics & economics. The credit has been given to a scholar at Takshashila, in modern terms, a “coach” to the first Mauryan emperor Chandragupta Maurya. He was identified as Chanakya aka Kautilya aka Vishnugupta. The treatise was called “Arthashastra” and considered lost untill 1905 when a copy written on palm leaves, was presented by a Tamil Brahmin to a Library. Since then many scripts came up (including Malyalam and Devanagri) and … Continue reading Book Giveaway #022: Corporate Chanakya