Book Giveaway #44: Creative Living

Title: Creative Living: Discovering Your Beautiful Path and Lifestyle Toward Happiness and Well-Being
Author(s): Harbeen Arora

The author, at the beginning of book, shares:

“… I employ the creative opportunities innate in the three ordinary realms around you – the visual material space, the theater of relationships and the vibrational environment. Now, you are part of all of them at all moments. But do you relate them with awareness? When you look at any place or thing, do you look deep enough, close enough and care enough to wonder and ask questions?”

What is the impact on our lives when we choose to live with more awareness and more depth? Perhaps, then we become more creative in dealing with the world. The author says:

“Basically, as you inner world starts looking up, your rapport with your outer world will be transformed. You will relate to your life with much more light in your head and love in your heart. Creative Living will take you on a journey of self-discovery.”

Let us allow it to sink in. What happens when we allow ourselves to engage in “Creative Living”? What next? Quoting the author:

“Conscientious thinking thus coaxes your true voice – where there is no room for fear and only a true sense of purpose. And that has an uplifting effect on everyone. To make your conscience flow liberally at all times, you need to create a special channel for it … you need a creative vocation.”

As I look at it, even if we begin with a small creative vocation, eventually it shall release creative energies in all of our life and work – till our entire life becomes a piece of art!

Good Luck!


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