TED Talk of the Day #013: Where good ideas come from

Event: TEDGlobal 2010
Speaker: Steven Johnson
Bio: Examines the intersection of science, technology and personal experience.

Where to get GOOD ideas? HOW to get good ideas?

First, let us define what is an IDEA. An idea can be seen as a connection of dots – as a network. So, the first step would be to expose yourself to lot of dots – thought patterns from a variety of backgrounds. Quoting the speaker:

— and I’ve started calling it the “liquid network,” where you have lots of different ideas that are together, different backgrounds, different interests, jostling with each other, bouncing off each other — that environment is, in fact, the environment that leads to innovation.

In this fascinating talk filled with some of the best anecdotes on innovation, the speaker says:

“That is how innovation happens. Chance favors the connected mind.”

A formula to get lucky? How are you maximizing your IDEA connections?

List of previous videos at https://sharebooks.org/category/videos/


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