Book Giveaway #026: The Idea Accelerator

Today’s Book: The Idea Accelerator – How to solve problems faster using speed thinking BY Ken Hudson

In these fast paced chaotic times, we all are in a catch-22 situation. To solve our big problems or identify new big opportunities we need time, which most of us do not have these days. With neck deep in a roller-coaster routine life, how does one come out of the rut?

Is it possible to generate great ideas out of the blue? Well, actually, yes!

This book (structured as a toolkit) presents 60 practical ideas to provoke your brain into coming up with ideas and solutions in a few seconds or minutes.

Names of a few tools:

  1. The 120 second challenge
  2. Thank You!
  3. The Godfather Test
  4. Catch a Ball
  5. Five minute gut-feel time

Happy Idea Hunting!

The Idea Accelerator

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