Book Giveaway #017 goes to PK Khurana, Chandigarh

Book Giveaway #017: Know-How (1/19/2020) was received by PK Khurana, Chandigarh, who was kind enough to share a photo with the Book.

P. K. KHURANA, QuikRelations Pvt Ltd and Mind Miracles Global, Chandigarh.

He is also the founder-chairman of a digital marketing company, namely, The Social Stories Pvt Ltd. He runs four Whatsapp groups by the name of “The Happy India Forum” to spread cheer and help the depressed to lead a normal happy life.

He is known as The Happiness Guru and likes to describe himself as The Rag-picker of the Soul.

See more about him at:

PK Khurana

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