Book Giveaway #014: 8 Steps To Innovation

Today’s Book: 8 Steps To Innovation : Going From Jugaad To Excellence by Rishikesha T.Krishnan, Vinay Dabholkar

A well known saying in business circles has been:

Innovate or Die!

Moving further, globally, the other mantras have been “Brealthrough Innovation”,”Radical Innovation”, “Disruptive Innovation”, and so on, to finally now “Loonshots”.

However, India seems to be lagging behind on the Innovation Map. Here is an excerpt from a report “No Indian company in US top 100 patent list; China the rising star” (Jan 14, 2020):

If global rankings are an accurate indicator, India fares rather poorly in innovation, research and development. Indian companies do not figure in the Top 100 list of the most US patents granted in 2019 – the list is mostly dominated by the United States and Japan. China is the rising star.

As per this report “Regional disparities in the Indian innovation ecosystem”, not only is the government’s R&D budget “very low” but even the private spending is “seriously lacking”.

Time to pull up our socks? Is innovation only about funding? Can’t excellence and innovation be a way of life?

“8 Steps To Innovation” is one the very few books that shares stories of innovation from all over the world with an Indian context. It chronicles hundreds of ideas, case studies and insights across 8 steps of innovation.

Read this book is like diving into a sea of innovation! This book will provoke you into challenging your assumptions on how you are currently doing business and then help you build your own roadmap to radical innovation for yourself and your customers.

Good luck with your innovations!

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8 Steps To Innovation

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