Book Giveaway #013: Tap Dancing to Work

Today’s Book: Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything, 1966-2012 by Carol J. Loomis

Carol Loomis was the first (financial) journalist to cover Warren Buffett (beginning 1966 in Fortune).

Buffett, of course, needs no introduction – the most successful investor ever and currently the fourth-wealthiest person (net worth US $88.9 billion). Loomis, in 1966, wrote an article on A. W. Jones & Co. and mentioned Warren Buffet in passing (but historically the first time Buffett was mentioned in print) – in the process she coined the “Hedge Fund”. She went to being his close friend and continued to cover him over the next few decades.

This book is a collection of Loomis’s best articles. Bill Gates, another Billionaire and Buffet’s friend, listed this book at his own blog here.

While this book is a Goldmine, lot of patience would be required to read such a wide variety of articles to imbibe Buffett’s insights on a wide variety of topics ranging from – to quote the book blurb – “investment strategies and his thinking on management, philanthropy, public policy, and even parenting.”

CNBC while covering this book quoted Buffet:

“Find your passion. I was very, very lucky to find it when I was seven or eight years old… You’re lucky in life when you find it. And you can’t guarantee you’ll find it in your first job out. But I always tell college students that come out (to Omaha), ‘Take the job you would take if you were independently wealthy. You’re going to do well at it.'”

There you go – the first step is to imagine that you are already wealthy – the first step is as easy that!

Book Tap Dancing

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