Book Giveaway #63: Effortless Living

Thus, what we have, so far, is TOTAL TRUST and EFFORTLESSNESS.

This is where a philosopher called Laozi (or Lao Tzu) – a mysterious semi-historical duing 6 BC – did us a great service. He is credited with a text called Tao-Te-Ching – which is like a manual on effortlessness. This philosophy could be summarized as – *Do nothing and accomplish everything*. Flow freely like water in life, around whatever shows up, and everything will get done in natural course of life. “Wu Wei” is a term to denote “effortless action”. Continue reading Book Giveaway #63: Effortless Living


Book Giveaway #001 Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

This ‘age of rage’ desperately needs Non Violent Communication (NVC) – an approach to nonviolent living developed by Marshall Rosenberg – founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

NVC has already created quite an impact – as this piece here states – each year, hundreds of thousands of people are taught Nonviolent Communication (NVC) around the world….with hundreds of trainers….across more than 35 countries.

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