Book Giveaway #72: Alibaba’s World Revenues (US$56 billion, 2019)

Founder: Jack Ma, poor at Math, failed twice at university, finally managed to become (a very good) English Teacher – which opened doors for him to travel – traveled to USA – saw a computer connected to Internet. Became one of the first Internet commerce entrepreneurs in China and the rest is history. Continue reading Book Giveaway #72: Alibaba’s World

Book Giveaway #69: Delivering Happiness

The author’s claim to fame is that he sold his startup in 1998 for $265 million to Microsoft. Next year, he joined Zappos (online shoe retailing) as an adviser / investor before becoming the CEO. After a decade, Zappos was acquired by Amazon at around $1.2 billion valuation. Continue reading Book Giveaway #69: Delivering Happiness