Book Giveaway #76: A Whole New Mind

The author says that your ability to survive and thrive in new the worlds depends on six “essential aptitudes”:

1. Design (beyond function)
2. Story (beyond argument)
3. Symphony (beyond focus)
4. Empathy (beyond logic)
5. Play (beyond seriousness)
6. Meaning (beyond accumulation) Continue reading Book Giveaway #76: A Whole New Mind

Book Giveaway #68: Powershift

Alvin Toffler started explaining about the “PROCESS” of change in his first book “Future Shock” (1970). He followed by detailing the “DIRECTIONS” of change in his next book “The Third Wave” (1980). Finally, he completed the trilogy with this book “Powershift” (1990) talking about “CONTROL” – about control structures and who will control what, Continue reading Book Giveaway #68: Powershift

Book Giveaway #61: Zero to One

He offers (through Thiel Fellowship) $100,000 to students (below age 23) to drop out of college to pursue independent research, project or venture. If you are above 23, you need to venture it out on your own. Some people think that commercial success is about superior intelligence, better luck or some divine karma. Get ready to have your beliefs shaken in the 6th chapter – “You Are Not A Lottery Ticket”. Continue reading Book Giveaway #61: Zero to One

Book Giveaway #53: What Matters Now

“In every industry there are huge swathes of critical knowledge that have been commoditized, and what hasn’t been yet commoditized soon will be. Given that, we have to say good-bye to the “knowledge economy” and wave hello to the ‘creative economy’. WHAT MATTERS TODAY is how fast a company can generate new thoughts and BUILD new knowledge…….” Continue reading Book Giveaway #53: What Matters Now