Book Giveaway #66: The Reinventors

The author and associated researchers screened about 22,000 companies, including some of the most successful stories of companies that survived 2008 recession. This book, first published in 2012, has a very specific goal: find out HOW the best companies pursue NEVER-ENDING RADICAL CHANGE. Continue reading Book Giveaway #66: The Reinventors

Book Giveaway #37: Unusual People Do Things Differently

… from well-known names like Mike Lawrie, Azim Premji and Mother Teresa to a chef, a masseuse and a service boy, with whom he has had meaningful interactions and who have inspired him. He includes people from a broad professional spectrum; CEOs, doctors, the director general of police, realtors, an attorney, a chartered accountant, a consultant and a sports coach are among those who make his list. ” Continue reading Book Giveaway #37: Unusual People Do Things Differently