Book Giveaway #71: On Self-Knowledge

“So there can be a miracle ONLY WHEN YOU ARE WILLING TO RECEIVE THAT MIRACLE, and I assure you that a miracle can take place, when you are willing to receive it, when YOU ARE WILLING TO LOOK AT THINGS REALLY AS THEY ARE.” Continue reading Book Giveaway #71: On Self-Knowledge

Book Giveaway #62: Rise To The Dawn

Please DO NOT RUSH TO A GURU. You need to first make your own independent efforts. He says:

“Start preparing yourself in the first instance. Awake, balance your mind and heart, determine your goal as a balanced person, you will surely come across a master.”

This book explains the human nature and the spiritual process in most simple terms. In easy conversational tone, it seems, the author is directly talking to you. Time to begin THE REAL JOURNEY of life? Continue reading Book Giveaway #62: Rise To The Dawn