Book Giveaway #68: Powershift

Alvin Toffler started explaining about the “PROCESS” of change in his first book “Future Shock” (1970). He followed by detailing the “DIRECTIONS” of change in his next book “The Third Wave” (1980). Finally, he completed the trilogy with this book “Powershift” (1990) talking about “CONTROL” – about control structures and who will control what, Continue reading Book Giveaway #68: Powershift

Book Giveaway #64: Willpower Doesn’t Work

When it comes to achieving goals making committed decisions involves:

1. investing upfront;
3, Setting a timeline
5. removing or altering EVERYTHING in your environment that OPPOSES your commitment. Continue reading Book Giveaway #64: Willpower Doesn’t Work

TED Talk of the Day #005: Lets get honest about our money problems

With COVID-19 distress, most of us are bound to face financial stress. Interestingly, it is usually about over-obsession with a lifestyle than real cash-crunch. For example, when the speaker’s brother asked for a loan (for the nth time), she told him to cut expenses. He was enraged. He kept increasing his Credit Card exposure to maintain his lifestyle. One day he killed himself. She talks about such people: “They drive a Mercedes, but their budget really only can afford a Honda.”
Why do we do it? She calls it “Money Shame” Continue reading TED Talk of the Day #005: Lets get honest about our money problems

Book Giveaway #63: Effortless Living

Thus, what we have, so far, is TOTAL TRUST and EFFORTLESSNESS.

This is where a philosopher called Laozi (or Lao Tzu) – a mysterious semi-historical duing 6 BC – did us a great service. He is credited with a text called Tao-Te-Ching – which is like a manual on effortlessness. This philosophy could be summarized as – *Do nothing and accomplish everything*. Flow freely like water in life, around whatever shows up, and everything will get done in natural course of life. “Wu Wei” is a term to denote “effortless action”. Continue reading Book Giveaway #63: Effortless Living