Book Giveaway #46: Awakening the Mind, Lightening the Heart

These aphorisms were formulated by Chekawa Yeshe Dorje (1102–1176) though the Lojong method is seen as evolving through 300 years after the arrival of Master Atiśa (Bengali Buddhist leader and master, 982–1054) in Tibet. It is said that Master Atiśa had, in his lifetime, learned from 150 teachers! Here is fun story on his travel to Tibet: Continue reading Book Giveaway #46: Awakening the Mind, Lightening the Heart

Book Giveaway #45: Leader As Coach

Coaching is a continuous process not an occasional conversation – “Let’s sit down and have a coaching session” – or a single event – “It’s time for you to take the Advanced Leadership class”.

You might compare yourself to an orchestra conductor, so that sometimes you work one-on-one with a player, other times, you direct them from afar, and on some occasions you cut people loose so they can develop in areas completely outside your scope. Continue reading Book Giveaway #45: Leader As Coach

Book Giveaway #44: Creative Living

… I employ the creative opportunities innate in the three ordinary realms around you – the visual material space, the theater of relationships and the vibrational environment. Now, you are part of all of them at all moments. But do you relate them with awareness? When you look at any place or thing, do you look deep enough, close enough and care enough to wonder and ask questions? Continue reading Book Giveaway #44: Creative Living

Book Giveaway #42: The Power of Habit

You are nothing but a collection of habits – almost a robot. It would not be inaccurate to say that we all are sleepwalking our way through life because of our habits. We are sleepwalking towards our failures as well as successes. Our habits can break us. Our habits can make us. Habits provide the easiest (often the only) way to accomplish anything worthwhile- just make sure that you have the right habits to accomplish that particular goal. Continue reading Book Giveaway #42: The Power of Habit

Book Giveaway #41: Freakonomics

A core theme of the book is “incentives”. All of us are driven by incentives – not just economic but also social and moral incentives. The insights from this book can applied to any area of your life or business or even politics – for example – the amount of money spent by political candidates does not matter greatly in an election. Continue reading Book Giveaway #41: Freakonomics

Book Giveaway #40: Finding the Next Steve Jobs

What does it take to be the “father of electronic gaming”? What does it take to be the first boss of Steve Jobs? Maybe a lot – could be being the right person at the right time.

Or, maybe, that is retrospective wisdom? Certainly, the same opportunity was available to many, but only Nolan Bushnell though “think through” and “act upon” his instincts?

Bushnell is here to help – he offers 51 things to know – especially if you wish to bring out and nourish the genius in yourself and others. Continue reading Book Giveaway #40: Finding the Next Steve Jobs

Book Giveaway #37: Unusual People Do Things Differently

… from well-known names like Mike Lawrie, Azim Premji and Mother Teresa to a chef, a masseuse and a service boy, with whom he has had meaningful interactions and who have inspired him. He includes people from a broad professional spectrum; CEOs, doctors, the director general of police, realtors, an attorney, a chartered accountant, a consultant and a sports coach are among those who make his list. ” Continue reading Book Giveaway #37: Unusual People Do Things Differently