Book Giveaway #56: The Miracle Morning

I hate running Jon, ‘I hate running’. Without hesitation , he responded, “What do you hate worse, running….or your current life situation?” I was desperate. I had nothing to lose. I decided to go for a run. Continue reading Book Giveaway #56: The Miracle Morning

Book Giveaway #55: You’re Only Young Twice

The astonishing truth is this: Nothing less significant than the evolution of our species rests squarely on retaining our neotenous traits. A loving heart does not sanction war. Childlike curiosity creates interest rather than fear. An joy gives intense meaning to each encounter. And adult world balanced by childlike traits would be a better world. Continue reading Book Giveaway #55: You’re Only Young Twice

Book Giveaway #53: What Matters Now

“In every industry there are huge swathes of critical knowledge that have been commoditized, and what hasn’t been yet commoditized soon will be. Given that, we have to say good-bye to the “knowledge economy” and wave hello to the ‘creative economy’. WHAT MATTERS TODAY is how fast a company can generate new thoughts and BUILD new knowledge…….” Continue reading Book Giveaway #53: What Matters Now

Book Giveaway #52: The Journey

A Journey process is a guided introspection designed to address your specific issues, uncover the root cause of your physical condition or your emotional issue, and help you to a complete resolution. There are two different basic types of Journeys. Both will take you deep within, to a place guided by your own inner wisdom. When you have recovered the memory that is the key to your issue, you are then able to empty out all the associated emotion contained within it and open into a deep forgiveness. Once completely free from the impact of this memory, healing at a cellular level can naturally begin. Continue reading Book Giveaway #52: The Journey

Book Giveaway #48: Quick Thinking

Apart from dealing with manipulation this book also provides useful tips in dealing with day-to-day professional life. We live in an era of ’30 Second Introductions” and “Elevator Pitches”. There is hardly any time to think or act. Hence, when an author offers to teach us “clear and crystal thinking” and the art of “quick repartees”, it can be an alluring proposition. Continue reading Book Giveaway #48: Quick Thinking