Book Giveaway #54: Fish!

There is something I know about you that you may not even know about yourself. You have within you MORE RESOURCES OF ENERGY than have ever been tapped, MORE TALENT than has ever been exploited, MORE STRENGTH than has ever been tested, and MORE TO GIVE that you have every given. Continue reading Book Giveaway #54: Fish!

Book Giveaway #42: The Power of Habit

You are nothing but a collection of habits – almost a robot. It would not be inaccurate to say that we all are sleepwalking our way through life because of our habits. We are sleepwalking towards our failures as well as successes. Our habits can break us. Our habits can make us. Habits provide the easiest (often the only) way to accomplish anything worthwhile- just make sure that you have the right habits to accomplish that particular goal. Continue reading Book Giveaway #42: The Power of Habit

Book Giveaway #37: Unusual People Do Things Differently

… from well-known names like Mike Lawrie, Azim Premji and Mother Teresa to a chef, a masseuse and a service boy, with whom he has had meaningful interactions and who have inspired him. He includes people from a broad professional spectrum; CEOs, doctors, the director general of police, realtors, an attorney, a chartered accountant, a consultant and a sports coach are among those who make his list. ” Continue reading Book Giveaway #37: Unusual People Do Things Differently

Book Giveaway #023: Inner Excellence at Work

It was one of those moments in her business when Carol Orsborn was working and getting fulling exhausted and drained – the ‘given’ work ethic was work and work longer to strive for excellence. She reflected – does ambition and success mean ignoring fulfillment? She look a leap of faith and eventually convinced her husband to downsize her business and even sell their newly purchased house. Continue reading Book Giveaway #023: Inner Excellence at Work