Book Giveaway #027: Strategic Selling

One could say that at the core of “Strategic Selling” is to stop being a Salesman, and start being a Strategy Consultant / Coach. If you were a coach to your prospective customer, then, obviously, you would first thoroughly understand the customer’s requirements and then provide the best solution possible. Continue reading Book Giveaway #027: Strategic Selling

Book Giveaway #025: Brand Positioning

No worthwhile business can be built without ‘seductive’ positioning. In an overcommunicated and cluttered world there is only one access to entering the consumer mind – create a lasting well-differentiated brand recall value. Achieving mastery in the process of “Brand Positioning” does not make the job of marketing and sales easier – it makes them redundant. Continue reading Book Giveaway #025: Brand Positioning

Book Giveaway #024: What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret

This book has a lot of common sense interspersed with some deep insights and many stunners – for example, the chapter 24 is titled “Advertising Can Kill Your Business”.

An interesting view from from an “enlightened” rich person (Author’s Dad):

Treat important people as if they are unimportant, and unimportant people as if they are important! Continue reading Book Giveaway #024: What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret

Book Giveaway #023: Inner Excellence at Work

It was one of those moments in her business when Carol Orsborn was working and getting fulling exhausted and drained – the ‘given’ work ethic was work and work longer to strive for excellence. She reflected – does ambition and success mean ignoring fulfillment? She look a leap of faith and eventually convinced her husband to downsize her business and even sell their newly purchased house. Continue reading Book Giveaway #023: Inner Excellence at Work