TED Talk of the Day #020: The Gospel of Doubt

Event: TED2016
Speaker: Casey Gerald
Bio: In his memoir, “There Will Be No Miracles Here,” Casey Gerald reimagines what it means to truly live and succeed in our society.

We all have a Gospel (beliefs, rules, etc.) to live by. There can be great strength in blind faith. Emotionally, you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that you SHALL CERTAINLY be taken care of.

There can be great power in CERTAINTY. Logically, you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you are PLAYING THE RIGHT GAME.

Then REALITY shows up. As a Miracle. Or, as a Wake Up Call.

The speaker KEPT GETTING WAKE-UP CALLS – one after another – religion, money, politics, Harvard MBA, Road Trips (across America) to finally building a nonprofit called MBAs Across America. He shares:

“We went on 8,000 miles across America in the summer of 2013, through the cow pastures of Montana, through the desolation of Detroit, through the swamps of New Orleans, where we found and worked with men and women who were building small businesses that made purpose their bottom line. And having been trained at the West Point of capitalism, this struck us as a revolutionary idea. .. (Laughter)”


“And this idea spread, growing into a nonprofit called MBAs Across America, a movement that landed me here on this stage today. It spread because we found a great hunger in our generation for purpose, for meaning. It spread because we found countless entrepreneurs in the nooks and crannies of America who were creating jobs and changing lives and who needed a little help.”

His learning? He offers:

“I do not have a gospel of faith to share with you today, in fact. I have and I offer a gospel of doubt. The gospel of doubt does not ask that you stop believing, it asks that you believe a new thing: that it is possible not to believe. It is possible the answers we have are wrong, it is possible the questions themselves are wrong. Yes, the gospel of doubt means that it is possible that we, on this stage, in this room, are wrong.”

I would add that, perhaps, THE ONLY TO WAY EVOLVE TO HIGHER REALMS IS BY IDENTIFYING AND DROPPING YOUR BELIEFS. This is the only way to MAKE WAY for more learning, knowledge, insights, wisdom and better outcomes in your life and work.

Let us peep outside our certainties. Might need courage, but then Doubt can be a Superpower – if you want to grow and evolve.

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