Book Giveaway #73: What Should I Do with My Life?

Book Giveaway #73: What Should I Do with My Life?
Title: What Should I Do with My Life?: The True Story of People Who Answered the Ultimate Question
Author(s): Po Bronson

There is a SPECIAL place for you under the sun. Your own unique place that nobody else can take. People have different names for “THAT PLACE” – Calling, Gift, Mission, Passion, Purpose, Unique Voice, Vision, etc.

Some people GET IT. Some do NOT. Some never try. Some struggle for a long time to find it. While dealing with his own life’s challenges, the author became intrigued, as he shares:

“I became intrigued by people who had unearthed their true calling, or at least those who were willing to try. Those who fought with the seduction of money, intensity, and novelty, but overcame their allure. THOSE WHO BROKE AWAY FROM THE CHORUS TO LEARN THE SOUND OF THEIR OWN VOICE.”

He reached out to people:

“I heard some 900 stories, spent countless hours corresponding and on the phone, and came to know about 70 people closely.”

What kind of people were covered in the book? The author says:

“It’s about people who’ve dared to be honest with themselves”.

It’s a dare to be ruthlessly honest with yourself! It need not be an easy or a rosy path. You may even have to be willing to UNLEARN and seriously challenge your beliefs about the world around you. But, don’t wait for an epiphany – that sudden clearing of clouds – from where God will issue the command to you. As the author says, “Powerful epiphanies are actually very rare”.

You start with a hunch and then you have to be willing to jump from the proverbial cliff and invent a flying machine before you hit the ground. There is no other way.

Or, are you among those who ALREADY KNOW how you would like to spend your life if there were no material constraints? If you already have an IDEA about what would you want to do 24X7, even then you have to go beyond your comfort zone. If you are already aware of your “Gift” then it is your responsibility to do “whatever it takes”. Quoting from the book:

“People have this stupid fantasy that if you’re THE CREATOR, or THE INVENTOR, or THE ARTIST, you hand-over your creation to businessmen and cash the royalty checks. That’s a fantasy. It’s irresponsible to their gift. If you have a gift, you should take care of it.”

Wherever you are in your life, this book could be of help:

  1. Wondering about making a decision. How can I take the “right” decision?
  2. Confused about identities. Who am I? A worker? A businessman? An artist?
  3. Dealing with temptations. Why should I let go of my comfort?
  4. Resolving conflicts. How can take a practical step?
  5. Finding a foothold. How can I get comfortable with my imperfections?
  6. Arriving at your home. Where I do really belong?
  7. Working with family. How can I taking my family along?
  8. Making a long term game plan. What is the Big Picture?

But what if your life-situation does not fit in any of the above scenarios? Let me know! After all, we are in it together — on the same ship called earth. We shall find THE WAY!


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