TED Talk of the Day #014: Simple, effective tech to connect communities in crisis

Event: TED@WellsFargo
Speaker: Johanna Figueira
Bio: A strategist and digital marketer with Wells Fargo. She is also one of the co-organizers of Code for Venezuela, an organization that leverages technology to help nonprofits in Venezuela.

Some people fear technology. Some are technology-blind. It is a pity that more people are not taking advantage of so many free software tools that are quite easy to master.

Now, due to COVID-19, many are to forced to try tech-tools. Video chatting app Zoom has been around for years – but, now, due to COVID-19, it has got a huge surge in downloads and its stock has zoomed 200%.

To state a self-evident truth – all tech is not high-tech. There are many free tools (or at least with good enough free versions) available. Let us get on a mission to help more people learn and use free and easy-to-use software tools / apps.

The Speaker shares how her organization is using tools like twitter to deal with medical needs of underprivileged. She says:

“Now, some people in Silicon Valley may look at these projects and say that there are no major technological innovations. But that is the point. These projects are not insanely advanced, but it’s what the people of Venezuela need, and they can have a tremendous impact.”

She urges to implement the same in your own communities:

And you can do the same thing — not in Venezuela, necessarily, but in your own community. In a world that is more connected than ever, we still see how specialized communities can be living isolated or in silos. There are so many great ways to help, but I believe that you can use your professional skills to connect diverse communities and create effective solutions through those relationships. “

Time to get on to Twitter (and – if you are still not there- on other tools like Zoom, Google Drive, Trello, WordPress and many more)?

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