TED Talk of the Day #006: 3 ways to plan for the (very) long term

Event: TEDxMidAtlantic
Speaker: Ari Wallach
Bio: Futurist, helps leaders more consciously and ethically shape tomorrow.

We spend most of our time, thinking about our goals and chasing them. There is a recent trend among some leaders (certainly most entrepreneurs – listen to the talk) to shun long-term thinking. After all, who has seen the future? People argue that your long-term goals would be meaningless in a totally different tomorrow.

This “short-termism” is a disease of our current times (though these “quick-fixes” – as the speaker calls them – may have some merit – for some projects and ventures). A snippet from the talk:

“But in our short-termist time, where everything seems to happen right now and we can only think out past the next tweet or timeline post, we get hyper-reactionary.”

As I see, we seriously limit our creativity and problem-solving ability when we aim only on the short-term. Also, it is unlikely that you would get any deep satisfaction or fulfillment from chasing short-term goals. Here is the invitation from the Speaker:

“And it all begins really with yourself asking this question: What is your longpath? But I ask you, when you ask yourself that now or tonight or behind a steering wheel or in the boardroom or the situation room: push past the longpath, quick, oh, what’s my longpath the next three years or five years? Try and push past your own life if you can because it makes you do things a little bit bigger than you thought were possible.”

Shall we set our sails for the long-haul? Shall we dig deep and define our biggest games?

List of previous videos at https://sharebooks.org/category/videos/


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