TED Talk of the Day #003: India’s Invisible Innovation

Event: TEDxLondonBusinessSchool
Speaker: Nirmalya Kumar
Bio: A professor of Marketing at the London Business School and a passionate voice for new entrepreneurs in India.

What do we do with the spare time this COVID-19 pandemic is giving us? Maybe this is a good time to release our creativity and innovation?

But wait, do Indians innovate? Where is India on World Innovation Map? Is the quality of Patent Filing from India any good? If yes, where is the Innovation?

A snippet from beginning of the talk:

“Initially, or, you know, as people would say, you know, in fact the more aggressive people who are supporting the Western innovative model, say, “Where are the Indian Googles, iPods and Viagras, if the Indians are so bloody smart?” (Laughter)

He continues:

So initially, when we started our research, we went and met several executives, and we asked them, “What do you think? Will India go from being a favored destination for software services and back office services to a destination for innovation?” They laughed. They dismissed us. They said, “You know what? Indians don’t do innovation.” The more polite ones said, “Well, you know, Indians make good software programmers and accountants, but they can’t do the creative stuff.”

You might be surprised at the answers. Also, this talk is a great primer on various types of innovation.

How are you shaping up? Are you working on your creativity and innovation? Please share!

Coming back to our COVID-19 sabbatical situation, HOW ABOUT CREATING A POOL OF PEOPLE who wish to explore their creativity, share their ideas, support each other and collaborate on various creative and innovative projects?

What say? Shall we get our hands dirty? Ping me!

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