Book Giveaway #55: You’re Only Young Twice

Title: You’re Only Young Twice
Author(s): Ronda Beaman

You worked hard, grew up and found your maturity and wisdom as you became older. What a waste! You were never meant to “grow up” and slog your way to some elusive “destination”.

The author says:

We keep getting smaller, tighter, more critical, and less joyful. Adulthood brings most of responsibility, burdens and seriousness – and a gradual erosion of the individuals we once were. This is de-evolution.

The author argues that the real opportunity of life is to grow young. There is even a term for that – neoteny. Quoting from the book:

Neoteny, plain and simple, states that the human species – in body, spirit, feeling, and conduct – is constructed to grow and develop in ways that emphasize rather than minimize childhood traits.


Neoteny directs us, as individuals and as a species, to amplify our playfulness, creativity, joy, love, work, optimism, laughter and tears, song and dance, wonder, and curiosity; to engage these traits as lifelong habits; and to create a pro-aging experience.


The astonishing truth is this: Nothing less significant than the evolution of our species rests squarely on retaining our neotenous traits. A loving heart does not sanction war. Childlike curiosity creates interest rather than fear. An joy gives intense meaning to each encounter. And adult world balanced by childlike traits would be a better world.

Ready to reclaim the fountain of your youth?


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