Book Giveaway #49: Pitch It!

Title: Pitch It!: Inspirational Stories from the Cricket Dressing Room to the Corporate Boardroom

Author(s): Dev Prasad

What do MS Dhoni and Azim Premji have in common?

What about Anil Kumble and Steve Jobs?

Between South African cricketing side and Motorola’s Iridium project?


Wouldn’t blame you if you thought this was nonsense! Why on earth are we comparing Cricket with Business?

Well, that is what Dev Prasad, author of this book, has managed to pull off! This book is a collection of some of the finest cricketing stories combined with corporate stories that demonstrate the same pattern and teach us the same lessons.

You have it all – India’s best moments like the World Cup victories, some interesting case studies like L. Sivaramakrishnan and Narendra Hirwani – who suddenly exploded with their talent as soon as they entered the National Team, but soon withered away. Mixed with Corporate stories from India and abroad – From companies like Maruti Suzuki and Nirma to HP and Motorola.

What a fun way to revisit all management lessons on areas like leadership, team building, execution, innovation, ethics, market study, attitude and so on.

A quote from the book:

Whether it is a cricket team or an organization, the ability to perform equally well under hostile conditions is the hallmark of greatness.

Ready to pick-up greatness lessons from the cricketing pitch? Roll over your arm and pick-up this book!

Read an excerpt here at Livemint.

Picture Source: The Hindu

Author Dev Prasad

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