Book Giveaway #48: Quick Thinking

Title: Quick Thinking on Your Feet

Author(s): Valerie Pierce

Have you ever faced a situation when:

1) A person attempts to exert a false authority over you
2) They try to create uncertainty or doubt in your mind.
3) They stereotype you
4) They win an argument not by proving that they are right but by emphasising how wrong you are
5) Their argument sounds great but you are not sure if it has any meaning.
6) They win the argument simply by repeating a point without any justification!

If yes, then welcome to the Trickery Zone – you have been tricked!

This book could be useful if you have do deal with such “manipulative” people or your work requires you to be “quickly persuasive”.

Valerie Pierce is founder of “CLEAR THINKING IN ACTION” ( and author of other books including “FOCUS: THE ART OF CLEAR THINKING”.

Apart from dealing with manipulation, this book also provides useful tips in dealing with day-to-day professional life. We live in an era of ’30 Second Introductions” and “Elevator Pitches”. There is hardly any time to think or act. Hence, when an author offers to teach us “clear and crystal thinking” and the art of “quick repartees”, it can be an alluring proposition.

The Part II of the book is in a workbook format – about 50 pages – allowing you to practice quick thinking over a variety of life situations.

Happy outwitting others!


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