Book Giveaway #47: The Tools of Leadership

Title: The Tools of Leadership: Vision, Inspiration, Momentum

Author(s): Max Landsberg

Max Landsberg spent over 16 years at McKinsey and his books have sold more than 250,000 copies in 15 languages.

The central theme of the Book is:

Leadership = Vision x Inspiration x Momentum

The wisdom has been presented in a simple manner with practical tools interspersed with a story of a CEO who has been given 6 months to revive the company from a likely bankruptcy. The CEO makes a plan but has a concern that he shares with his mentor:

“I don’t have a problem with the objectives I have set. I’m pretty sure they are right. My problem is that everyone in the agency seems reluctant to coperate. I did expect resistance, but I also expected them to have more energy. I suppose I’m worried about whether I can get them excited.”

To make matters worse, he realizes that his teams are faction-ridden and there is no sense of urgency and focus in most team members.

Ever faced such a situation? How does a leader go about inspiring a team to begin collaboration with urgency and focus? How to create a compelling vision? How to build trust?

How to really engage people? How to deal with the inevitable resistance? How to get hold of people’s attention? What are the various hats a leader has to wear?

Can you actually take the initiative to build a strong and positive culture?

All these and more more questions are answered in the book in an actionable format. Happy Leading!

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