Book Giveaway #39: Instant Coaching

Today’s Book: Instant Coaching: Inspire Others to Reach their Potential NOW ! by Paul Birch

This book is a quick and easy-access coaching primer for managers. It can be taken as one simple and short exercise per day. With 69 exercises, you can be up and running as a Coach in around 2 months even if you give it only few minutes everyday.

The tips may not be always clear or easy to implement. Some tips may not even look effective to begin with (see below), but then they might provoke your brain into generating your own new ideas.

Here is one tip you could give to someone based on “6.19 Doing yourself out of a job”: Look for ways on how you can make yourself redundant. Quoting from the book:

“In reality, those that are successful in keeping themselves out a job are almost always kept by the company because they are seen as successful, and most smart companies want to hang onto the successful.”

Needless to say, getting “out of the job” is to be attempted, not by slacking off, but, for example, by helping build better processes and teams in the company OR bringing in some innovation OR creating more value for the company in your own unique way.

Seems risky? Well, safety never took anyone to a worthwhile journey or destination. Why be too safe or too realistic? Not easy? Not possible at all? Hmm….. How does one move away from a life of “valid reasons” and “excuses”?

Let us try another tip based on “6.5 Being unrealistic”. Look for ways to help stretch your team members move away from the predictably possible (but not exciting or profitable enough) goals.

Ready for the challenge – to get stretched and stretch others?

67 more tips to go!

Happy helping more people to aim higher and play bigger games!


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