Book Giveaway #38:The Inspirational Trainer

Today’s Book: The Inspirational Trainer: Making Your Training Flexible, Spontaneous And Creative by Paul Z Jackson

As was shared in the post “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”, Coaching is an essential skill for everyone. Training comes close. If you are considering being a trainer, this book could be a good start.

For this career, a pre-requisite is that you need to be willing to come out of your comfort zone. Why? Because you need to bring your ‘imperfect’ self on the stage and be comfortable about making mistakes in full public view. To quote from the book:

“One of the troubles with perfectionism is that it can STOP YOU from getting started.

“You RESTRICT your range of activities to those where you feel sufficient chance of ‘success’. You might refuse to try a new game, sport or hobby – or more critically – to fulfill your deeper ambitions.”


Another block to creativity is channeling all activity directly towards the ‘right’ result. Comedian Arnold Brown describes Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin on a culture which he had left overnight:

‘If he had been English, he’d just cleaned up the mess’.

Mess is good! Making a mess of yourself is the only way to expand! You are invited to goof-up! On Stage!

Happy Training!


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