Book Giveaway #33: Eight Giant Steps to Global Domination

Today’s Book: Eight Giant Steps to Global Domination: A Personal Guide to Finding Your Niche, Conquering Your Market, and Taking Your Company to the Top by Kenn Viselman

Since anyway you are slogging it out, why stop short of any goal that is short of “Global Domination”?

You might think that it would be foolhardy to plan for “global” domination perhaps because yours is a small business. The author started a company from a spare bedroom, called it “The itsy bitsy Entertainment Company” and proceeded to take on the biggest players like Disney.

Over to the author:

On having a LONG-TERM view:

There are two types of greed (the greed of amateurs) and long-term greed (the big kahuna).

On consistency of Vision:

Success is dictated by your ability to be true to your vision.

After urging the readers to build the right foundation, the authors places great emphasis on Branding, Market Segmentation and Promotion – these three are not given adequate focus by most small businesses. You might have noticed that Branding is ignored because of budget, market segmentation is ignored because of lack of vision and promotion is ignored because of lack of confidence.

On Promotion:

The party starts with the invitation.

That’s a great tip – you could achieve global domination if you could figure out which small steps need to be taken like a giant.

On Originality:

People are sheep just waiting for herder to come along.

On Market Segmentation:

Understanding the nuances of your marketplace is key when you are the little guy or if you have limited funds to promote / launch a new product.

On Market Penetration:

I think the biggest little secret that I can offer is “try to shape the universe differently”. It can be very intimidating to try to take a new product to market or open a new business.
The key is that you must not think yourself as a small part of the big bad world. Instead, you must find a way to make yourself the big fish in the little sea.


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