Book Giveaway #031: The One-Minute Sufi

Today’s Book: The One-Minute Sufi by Azim Jamal

Here is about Azim Jamal from his website:

Some years ago, he was a highly successful accountant, involved with significant business decisions. But, despite the outward appearance of success, something was missing. This all came to a head when he was doing volunteer work with refugees. He suddenly realized a truth that shook him to the core. These refugees, who had lost virtually everything, had a deeply moving inner strength that still shone through.

Let us get a taste of Sufi from the book:

Everything is a signpost to the oneness of God. [Ahmed Lmn Ata’ Allah]

This is interesting. Let us focus on the word “everything”. We seem to be witnessing religious conflicts these days. That is, it seems there is serious “disagreement” among people who believe in God. By definition, is God a debate? Is God someone for whom we need to wage a War? Can you even say “My God”? My God!

How many of these believers see “everything” as a signpost to God? Let us ask them!

I would even add “everyone” to it. If one was a believer, wouldn’t one see God in everything and everyone? If not, can you call yourself a believer in God?


For a Sufi, everyday is a perfect day. Its what you make of the day that matters.


A man should be in the marketplace, while still working with true reality. (Sahl)


Less is more. Making fewer commitments, but more important ones aligned with our purpose, is better than doing many insignificant things.


If words come of out of the heart,
they will enter the heart.

If they are spoken just from the mouth,
they will not even reach the ears. [Al Suhrawardi]


The more of ourselves we give,
the more of ourselves we find.


When “I” and “You” are absent,
I have no idea
if this a mosque, synagogue, church, or temple. [Mahmud Shabistari]


Do not look at my outward shape,
but take what is in my hand.

May you get keep getting more and more of bliss, harmony and joy!


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