Book Giveaway #025: Brand Positioning

Today’s Book: Brand Positioning: Strategies for Competitive Advantage by Subroto Sengupta

No worthwhile business can be built without ‘seductive’ positioning. In an overcommunicated and cluttered world there is only one access to entering the consumer mind – create a lasting well-differentiated brand recall value. Achieving mastery in the process of “Brand Positioning” does not make the job of marketing and sales easier – it makes them redundant.

Probably no other author has packed so many real-life Brand Positioning case studies from India in one book.

An example:

Your body needs 23 vital ‘foods’ everyday. Milk gives 9. Complan gives all 23.

Few Excerpts:

(Quoting Prof. Lewitt) There is no such thing as a commodity. All goods and services are differentiable.

The four strategic questions (to arrive at Positioning) are:

Who am I?
What am I?
For whom am I?
Why me?

Well made products are versatile and the give the Brand Manager flexibility in positioning decisions. The target segment decision itself can be a differentiating strategy for similar products.

Positioning by usage offers so many possibilities for new brand introduction and perceptual brand differentiation that the brand manager may wish to know about a research technique specially suitable for this purpose called ‘item-by-use mapping”.

Happy Positioning!


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