Book Giveaway #024: What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret

Today’s Book: What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret by Brian Sher

This book has a lot of common sense interspersed with some deep insights and many stunners – for example, the chapter 24 is titled “Advertising Can Kill Your Business”.

An interesting view from from an “enlightened” rich person (Author’s Dad):

Treat important people as if they are unimportant, and unimportant people as if they are important!

Other excerpts:

People spend more time thinking about their shopping lists than they do about their life goals.

You will be surprised who will help, if you simply ask.

If you are in pursuit of money for money’s sake – and that is your main focus no matter hard you try – it will continue to elude you.

I have worked with Business Owners who have complained that salespeople were not doing their job, but who did not give those salespeople any training or support to develop their skills.

It maybe a surprise to some people, but usually an advertisement or promotion is not the best way to increase revenue.

When it comes to doing anything well: it takes practice, not just any practice, but perfect practice.

What makes someone a marketing genius? … There is only one way – ask your customers what they want and take it a step further.


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