Book Giveaway #023: Inner Excellence at Work

Today’s Book: Inner Excellence at Work: The Path to Meaning, Spirit, and Success by Carol Orsborn

It was one of those moments in her business when Carol Orsborn was working and getting fully exhausted and drained – the ‘given’ work ethic was work and work longer to strive for excellence. She reflected – does ambition and success mean ignoring fulfillment? She look a leap of faith and eventually convinced her husband to downsize her business and even sell their newly purchased house. They chose a simpler life for a while. After about a year – the magic happened – their business again started growing – this time more profitably.

Her conclusion:

Personal values and quality of life considerations need not conflict with ambition and success. In fact, it is from nurturing these very qualities that your greatest experience of success will grow.

The point is that working harder and longer can be counterproductive. So then, what is the way out? Relax and take it easy? Then what? Maybe reflect more – find out what really matters to you. Maybe contemplate – for example – if you had all the resources and no barriers, what kind of business or profession you would really like to create?

An excerpt:

The temptation is always to give up your authenticity in the pursuit of comfort. You go for what looks good, rather than listening to your own heart.

To help through your journey of self discovery, Carol Orsborn outlines seven principles to help you reassess your beliefs, find out how to be fully alive, drop the illusion of barriers and let go of ambition to allow your greatness to emerge!

Good Luck!

Book: Inner Excellence at Work: The Path to Meaning, Spirit, and Success by Carol Orsborn

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