Book Giveaway #021: Indian Innovators

Today’s Book: Indian Innovators: 20 Brilliant Thinkers Who Are Changing India’ by Akshat Agrawal

This is a collection of stories of 20 innovators – each chapter ends with tips from the founders. Few excerpts:

From Nelvin Joseph (SPARA, AI-based power saver):

The social pressure is the biggest problem that inhibits innovation in India.

From Arunachalam Muruganantham aka ‘The Menstrual Man’:

Do not try to do simple things in a complicated manner; rather try to do complicated things in a simple manner.

From founders of IdeaForge, which makes the Netra UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle):

Never compromise on product quality and performance, even if it increases the cost. If the product is good, it will easily command a high price, and more importantly, it will bring in more discerning buyers. Cut corners and thou shall never pass you.

Happy innovating!


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