Book Giveaway #020: The Bamboo Principle

Today’s Book: The Bamboo Principle: The Roots Beneath Results by Ken Lodi

Bamboo is famous as the fastest growing plant on this earth. In this “high velocity” era of business when we talk of 10X or 20X or even 100X growth, let us look at how bamboo can inspire us.

Nothing in a Bamboo tree goes waste. For a profession or business this could mean (quoting from the book “The Bamboo Principle”):

Sustainable success is possible if you remain versatile enough to modify your skills and tactics to different opportunities, audiences and technology.

Such principles are explained in the book with real life stories – for example, relating the “contribution” principle of Bamboo with Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize winner, who lived the philosophy of “doing something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid.”

The spirit of bamboo applied to a profession is about focusing on building one talent at a time. You can grow at the speed of Bamboo when you enjoy doing something you are very good at.

The bamboo growth pattern indicates that most of your life is about nurturing strengths and creating a strong foundation so that you are ready to explode when your time of “overnight success” arrives!

This book could be a good companion to remind you to organize your “each day” in a manner that maximizes long-term value creation and prepares you for gargantuan success.

Book The Bamboo Principle

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