What is your experience with New Year Resolutions?

Posted this query in the Business Owner Book Club:

  1. What is your experience with New Year Resolutions? Believe in them? Hate them?
  2. Have you made any resolutions for the Year 2020? If yes, how is it going?

Here are the responses:

  1. Ajay:

Interesting poser!
My personal take…….

  1. No, I do not subscribe to New Year Resolutions
  2. I feel resolutions are for some thing you want happen in the future. In a sense therefore one is limiting , binding and bracketing the future. In doing so one closes a whole other window of opportunities life maybe waiting to present one with. Trying to get fixated to an “idea” that is some time away robs one of the spontaneity of living, the pulsating energy of each moment.
    And.. if one looks back at one’s journey, one may find that Life was already happening to us whilst we were busy making other plans! 😁
    But this is purely a personal view and by no means a general judgment call.

2. Monica:

Haven’t made any thus far. Just carrying on with pre-existing resolutions.

I treat resolutions just like any goal for myself, that I make a mental note of, to work towards. What energy or resolve I put towards meeting a specific goal varies. I find that reminding myself of my goal(s) as frequently as I can helps as important reinforcement.

I dont normally make resolutions on New Year. But there is just a sense that this is a time for fresh energy and a time to wipe the slate clean in terms of things one might wish to leave behind or outgrow.

3. Joseph

I follow OKR – objectives and key results framework for the last three years to set goals and achieve them. I dont necessarily start at the beginning of the year.

This year my objectives are:

  • expand my network by having 50 lunches with such folks
  • launch a coaching program

I have measurable KRs. So far going good.

See Joseph’s detailed post on this https://www.jjude.com/no-goals-but-okr/

4. Sanjay

Personally, I believe that 1st January is just another day.

I have my own goals for the year 2020 and I am bang on target with youthful enthusiasm.


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