Book Giveaway #008 By the Flowing River

Today’s Book: By the Flowing River: A Story of Survival & Self Discovery by Vivek Singh

Imagine you are at the top of your career or business and then you are thrown off the peak into an abyss!

This is what happened to Siddharth, protagonist of this story by my dear friend Vivek.

Initially self-published, this book quickly became a Bestseller on Amazon and was later picked-up by Pan Macmillan India.

As the book blurb says:

Being one of the most sought-after employees at the Eunited Bank, Siddharth is confident that nobody can take away his job. But it comes as a bolt from the blue when he is fired from his position of a portfolio manager.

Directionless, Siddharth leaves everything and goes on a journey of self-realization and discovery that will transform his life forever.

Excerpt from a Testimonial from user at Amazon:

It is only when you’re open to change and willing to move forward no matter what, you are able to seize opportunities, learn something new, evolve and transform​ to become the best version of yourselves.

Few more takeaways from another reader at Amazon:

“A person learns more through his own experiences than from the sermons”.
“Even if the obstruction is massive, the river doesn’t stop trying. It keeps making the effort relentlessly.”
“At times in life you have to lift more weight, in order to experience baggage free living later.”
“No harm in enjoying the fruit. The problem occurs, when you see these possessions as an extension of yourself.”

Happy Reading!

Book By the Flowing River

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