A New Year Resolution #2020!

365 Books on the way!

Don’t just learn, experience.

Don’t just read, absorb.

Don’t just change, transform.

Don’t just relate, advocate.

Don’t just promise, prove.

Don’t just criticize, encourage.

Don’t just think, ponder.

Don’t just take, give.

Don’t just see, feel.

Don’t just dream, do.

Don’t just hear, listen.

Don’t just talk, act.

Don’t just tell, show.

Don’t just exist, live

— Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

I am part of a Business Owners Book Club where in a moment of bravado, I declared:

From 1st Jan 2020 onwards, I will share ONE BOOK DAILY from my collection (or new or any source) for GIVING AWAY on First Come First Serve Basis! For the entire year! 365 Books on the way.

So there we go, let us see how this game shapes up!


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